Sunday 1 March 2020

NEHL Lambton Estate 14th March 2020

NEHL Lambton Estate - 14th March 2020

POSTCODE NE38 9JD - Big stone gate opposite Forest Drive


Hi all, as you'll be aware there is a daily changing situation regarding COVID 19 and sporting events. Just to let you aware that we have had contact with the landowners (copied a section of our e-mail with Lambton Estate at the end of this notice for transparency). At the moment the plan is that the event to will go ahead, but obviously we would ask folks to take due care along recommendations regarding hand hygeine (disinfectant gel/cream is available at all the toilets), but also take due care to minimise any droplet spread (a bit difficult in our sport).

See below re our position as agreed with the landowners
Yes, I had been thinking about this myself. A number of issues in the light of no real firm steer from government or sport governing bodies (UK Athletics for us) regarding COVID 19. Having said that the FA response of banning handshakes prior to games was a bit bizarre in terms of it being a contact sport in any event, with players in very close proximity to each other exposed to droplet spread etc. From data I've accessed, as of 9am on 10 March 2020, 26,261 people have been tested in the UK, of which 25,888 were confirmed negative and 373 were confirmed as positive. Six patients who tested positive for COVID-19 have died. There have been 24 cases identified in the NE & Yorkshire region. Risk has been raised from low to moderate but this doesn't seem to have impacted on any change in strategy in terms of behviour.
Pro's and con's as I see it at the moment. Cross country isn't a contact sport (no intentional contact anyway) but does involve people running / physical exertion close to each other. In addition with the tents etc there will be a lot of people in close proximity to each other, but no more so than if anyone went e.g. shopping on a Saturday afternoon.The toilets are cubicles and all have a good supply of paper (tissue use as well) and also disinfectant hand gel / cream. The number of deaths recorded so far in the UK have been attributable with people who have co-morbidities and therefore more susceptible. The folks that participate in our events a) are generally in good health a requirement bearing in mind the nature of cross country and b) do so at their own risk to a certain degree.
On a lighter note an updated course map. I'd describe the course as being of 'varied terrain'. We can't get away from short stretch of narrow road (with good grass verge either side - similar to Temple Park). The rest varies from some fairly firm ground to some very soft / wet areas with a natural obstacle (fallen tree) to negotiate at one point although the gamekeeper may have moved - general consensus last weekend was to leave it if possible (but its their land). Lots of nice views, very scenic. Obviously will keep you posted re the situation re COVID 19

John Stephens

Lambton Estate is the historical seat of the Earl of Durham, and you lucky cross country runners are going to get the chance to take part in the very first North Eastern Harrier League event to be held in the castle grounds.
Find out more about the estate at:

GETTING THERE -  POSTCODE OF EVENT NE38 9JD - Entrance is opposite Forest Drive
The entrance we're using is off Bonemill Lane.  It will be signposted.  Please follow marshals instructions and have £4 ready for parking.  Entrance on Bonemill Lane near Picktree, signposted Lambton Castle.

The route has been finalised and we're happy to report that the car parking is on hard standing, so we shouldn't have any vehicles stuck on fields.

Please see map below for car parking, tent city, toilets etc.  The route takes in great views of the castle and estate and we hope you'll really enjoy the course.
Lambton Course Map

Lambton small lap .09 mile
Lambton Large Lap - 2 miles
Link to gmaps version of the large lap here

REGISTRATION. In the NEHL tent near the finish.

TOILETS AND REFRESHMENTS. There are portable toilets available, please use them.  Don't pee in the bushes next to the tents, parking, or the start-finish area.  Our officials don't need to see that.

CLUB TENTS. There is ample space for club tents beside the parking, opposite the course.  Follow marshal’s directions

COURSE. Mostly woods. Hills.

There could be mud!

PLEASE DO NOT WARM UP ON THE COURSE. Use the next to tent city to warm up in (where the tents and cars are), it is massive.  The course is very narrow in places, your club will be penalised if you warm up while events are taking place.


RACE ORDER & TIMES for this season
Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League

Lambton Estate

1200 U11 - Boys U11 lap
1205 U11 - Girls U11 lap
1215 U17 Men - 1 x short lap followed by 1 x large lap
1220 U17 / U20Women - 1 x short lap followed by 1 x large lap
1235 U15 - Boys 1 large lap
1240 U15 - Girls 1 large lap
1250 U13 - Boys 1 large lap
1255 U13 - Girls 1 large lap
1305 Sen & Vet Women - 2 x large laps
1350 Sen & Vet Men - 3 x large laps

Age restrictions as follows:

Under 11 - must be age 9 on the day of competition
Under 13 - must be 11 on 31st August 2019.  U11s turning 11 during the season may move up to the U13s
Under 15 - must be 13 on 31st August 2019.
Under 17 men - must be 15 on 31st August 2019.
Under 17 & 20 women - must be 15 on 31st August 2019.
Senior Men - must be 17 on 31st August 2019.
Senior Women - must be 20 on 31st August 2019.

Masters men aged 65 may (if they wish) run in the 2 lap Senior Women's race, they register as per normal in the men's race, then come to race hq for a replacement number.  Masters wishing to do this must stay in the 2 lap race all season.


  1. I still have my seniorladies/ O/65 men's number from 2019 to 2020.Is it valid for Lambton ?

  2. Is there pedestrian access to the site? I live in Elba Park so it’s a short walk

  3. Hiya yes pedestrian access is off bonemill lane