Saturday 30 September 2017

Wrekenton race report

Evening folks, we are ironing out a few issues with a couple of runners, but the majority of issues were dealt with before you all got home, and the results can be found online in the usual place:

At a glance these are the winners from each category (shown right).

It was a great turn out from the clubs - thanks to all the team managers for turning up to collect packs, with a minimum number of on the day issues to sort out.

We also had quite a few guest runners from the south of the region, you are always welcome up North at the NEHL - hope or guest runners enjoyed the hospitality and the favourable weather conditions.

In all we had 1521 finishers from 10 races:
under 11 boys: 80
under 11 girls: 66
U13 boys: 80
U13 girls: 72
U15 boys: 57
U15 girls: 52
U17 men: 34
U17 & 20 women: 35
Senior & vet men: 583
Senior & vet women (+ some M65): 462

The men's and women's races have been recorded on Strava as an average of 5.6 miles (men) and 3.8 miles (women).

We have had complaints from local residents regarding car parking on Moss Side, there were cars double parked along the road blocking local resident access.  Runners were advised to use the car parking at the NHS car park, Cardinal Hume School and on Harebell Road.  Anyone parking on Moss Side in future fixtures will be disqualified.  There will be signs in place telling runners not to park there at future fixtures.  Please use your common sense, if you block resident access you're not only being selfish, you are jeopardising future fixtures, get there in plenty of time and don't park like a moron.  It's not rocket science.

There was also an incident of a junior runner being heckled by a woman on or near the course, we are unsure as to whether she was at the event or passing by, but would like to make it clear that bullying will not be tolerated in any way shape or form.

Aside for those issues it's been a great day, and I would just like to say a massive thank you to all of the results team, officials and to Saltwell for organising.

Friday 29 September 2017

NEHL Wrekenton - Race Day

Hi Folks, it's here.  Welcome to the first fixture of the Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League season 2017-18

There is a good chance of rain today, most likely showers, check out an up to date forecast for Wrekenton here, and with yesterdays morning rain we'll be expecting some mud on the course - dress accordingly.

Registration will be in the NEHL tent adjacent to the start/finish, and will be for number collection by team managers, and registration for guests, unattached under 11 runners, M65 transfers, and prearranged number issues.

Individual runners cannot collect single numbers from race HQ, you must collect your number (which has your chip attached to the back) from your team manager at your club tent.  We do not have copies of your numbers.

There are portable toilets on site, and first aid cover present.

Timetable is roughly as follows:
12.15 Under 11 Boys12.20 Under 11 Girls
12.25 approx Under 13 Boys
approx Under 13 Girls
approx Under 15 Boys
approx Under 15 Girls
13.05 - 13.10 
approx **Under 17 & Under 20 Women
13.10 - 13.15 
approx **Senior & Veteran Women
13.50 - 14.00 
approx **Under 17 Men
14.15 - 14.25 
approx **Senior & Veteran Men

From Paul RE: Chip timing

All runners.
To try and reduce the queues at the finish...
The only runners that need to maintain position from crossing the finish line and through the funnels are those that are in a very close finish with others.
There are 2 lanes through the finish, you can go either to the left or to the right.
If the people queuing in front of you finished more than 2 seconds ahead of you then you don't need to queue behind them when the other lane is clear.
If you finish in a tight race with 2 or 3 others, then only that small group of runners need to maintain position as they walk through the funnels.
The reason is that 97% of runners are recorded on the finish line but in a tight finish the chip reader at the side doesn't get a good enough view of people in the bunch as they block each other so it relies on the chip reader in the funnels to put these close finishing runners in the correct finish order.

Don't stop after the finish line. You must keep moving forwards and not turn around until you are clear of the finish area altogether.
If you want to shake hands or exchange hugs and kisses, wait until you are outside the 20m exclusion zone.

Please check facebook/here for updates.

Results will appear on the NEHL site

Please remember all results are provisional until the end of the week

Finally, and I think he'd have appreciated this being near enough the last bit of the post, there will be a minutes applause for Birtley AC stalwart Gerard 'Pedro' Murray, before the start of the Senior/Veteran Men's slow pack start.

He was a great supporter of the NEHL for many years, running in all kinds of weather conditions.  A hugely popular guy, he'll be a big miss at all of our cross country fixtures.

Thursday 28 September 2017

Race number payment & collection

Ok folks, race HQ will be open from 10:30-45ish on Saturday, in the NEHL tent next to the start/finish.
Please team managers only to collect numbers (with cash or cheque for the outstanding balance).
We will only be taking registrations from the following:
  • Guests
  • U11s not yet part of a club
  • M65s transferring to the ladies race (bring your allotted number so we can swap it over)
  • Pre-arranged race-number issues.

If you have a pack inquiry do it before Saturday, i.e. today, look you race number and pack up here:
If there is a problem with your pack, sort it out asap.

We do not issue individual numbers.  Your club will give you your correct race number, keep it for the whole season.

Saturday 23 September 2017

Team managers final update for NEHL#1 Wrekenton

Team Managers,

You should all have your log in details now. If not, let us know:
Online entries are open and will close at Midnight on Saturday 23rd.
The process is identical to previous years.
If you have problems, get in touch.
Remember to re-register old runners first. Tick the box next to each runner you want to run at the first race. Don't forget to confirm it at the bottom of the page. Then register your new runners. This is to stop you accidentally creating new runners who are already on the system in the old runners list.
New clubs,:your old runners list will be empty because you have none from last season. All of your entries will be new runners.
NEVER re-register someone as a new runner if they have taken part in the league before.

Because of the complicated pack promotion rules we need to keep track of each runner for 3 years. If you register a runner as new then they will start from the slow pack and if this is not the right pack then they WILL be disqualified.
This applies to the runner even if they are new to your club as their old pack record follows them to their new club.

Every year we disqualify people, including race winners and children, because they have run from the wrong pack.
Let's see if we can manage this year without that happening.
There will be no entries on the day for the first event other than for guests.
All your runners for the first event must be registered before close of entries on 23rd September.
There is too much else going on at the first event to be hassled by loads of late entries.
Athletes registered online cost £2 for the whole season, assuming they don't lose their race number.

Replacements for lost numbers are £5 from race HQ on race day.
You can pay by cash or by cheque on the day when you collect your race number pack.
It's £50 per year membership fee for your club plus £2 for each runner you register.
Cheques should be made payable to "North Eastern Harrier League" or "NEHL".
You will not be handed your race numbers until they are paid for.
The pack will not be split so make sure 1 person arrives with the cheque and collects the entire pack for distribution among your members.
For events later in the year, online entries will re-open during the week before the event, so you can add more runners during the season, and will close on the Friday before the event at noon.
 All online entries remain at £2 per runner for the season. Entries on the day, guests and replacement numbers are all £5 on the day.
A lot of runners will have left your clubs or switched clubs during the summer.
Can you let me know who needs moving, their original club and their new club and when they are eligible to count for the new club.
I'll then move them to the new club and they will appear in your online lists to register for the new season.
If you think you see any mistakes in the packs, let me know and I'll investigate but, first, check the results from last season to see if you (or they) can figure it out.
Last season's results are all on the website.

There may also be duplicate runners in your lists. Let me know who and I'll remove them.
Any other problems, get in touch.
Good luck.

Thursday 7 September 2017

NEHL #1 - Wrekenton, Saturday 30th Sept '17

Hi Folks,

Your opening fixture of the Start Fitness NEHL 17-18 season is at Wrekenton on the 30th of September.  Car Parking is at Cardinal Hume School, on Old Durham Road NE9 6RZ.  Race headquarters will be in the harrier league tent by the finish.

A reminder that the races will be chip timed, so keep your number for the whole season (your chip is attached to the number), if you write out your own number, aside from being dqd, the chip timing equipment will not record you and you will not be in the results.

Runners in all races except the u11s must wear club colours vests/tshirts, runners not in team colours will not be eligible to count for the team.

12.15 Under 11 Boys
12.20 Under 11 Girls
12.25 approx Under 13 Boys
approx Under 13 Girls
approx Under 15 Boys
approx Under 15 Girls
13.05 - 13.10 
approx **Under 17 & Under 20 Women
13.10 - 13.15 
approx **Senior & Veteran Women
13.50 - 14.00 
approx **Under 17 Men
14.15 - 14.25 
approx **Senior & Veteran Men

Under 11 runners must be at least 9 years old on the day of competition (rule implemented as of AGM July '17)

There will be portable toilets on site, as well as first aid coverage including 6 first aiders with defib & portable stretcher.  Lost children: come to race hq.

Use your club tents for changing please

Many thanks to our hosts Saltwell Harriers

Cross Country Season is here!

It's that time of year again, yes, time to don your spikes, fell shoes, stick on the club vest and run your (muddy) socks off.

Online entries for Wrekenton XC open this weekend, and will remain open till midnight on Saturday 23rd, this will give me a chance to bag up the 3.5k race numbers in time for the 30th.  Club team managers will receive emailed login details for online entry, if your club hasn't received any information yet please email and we'll get it sorted for you.

Costs remain unchanged from last year. 

  • It is £50 per club to register as a member of the Harrier League.That also gets you a vote at the AGM. Plus:£2 per runner registered online. That gets the runner up to 7 races. 
  • Keep the same number all season. It's £5 for a replacement number and £5 per runner registered on race day. 
  • Register online in advance and it's cheaper. 
  • £5 for guest runners, i.e. those not running for a member club. This also lasts all season. (Guest runners must be a member of a UKA recognised club) 
  • Pay by cash or cheque on the day of the first race when you collect your numbers. Cheques payable to "North Eastern Harrier League" or "NEHL".  We do not do bank transfers. 
  • You MUST bring the cheque (or cash) to the first event in order to collect your race numbers.

Harrier League Dates 2017-18

Dates for the Start Fitness NEHL new season

Sat 30/09/17 Wrekenton
Sun 08/10/17 Druridge Bay
Sat 28/10/17 Sherman Cup, Temple Park (South Shields)
Sat 18/11/17 Aykley Heads (Durham)
Sat 09/12/17 Northeasterns, Redcar
Sat 06/01/18 Herrington Park (Sunderland)
Sat 10/02/18 Thornley Hall Farm (near Peterlee)
Sat 03/03/18 Alnwick Castle