Monday 2 October 2017

NEHL #2 Druridge Bay Cross Country - Sunday 8th October '17

Hi Folks,

Here is some advanced information on the Druridge Bay Country Park xc.  There will be a one way system in operation for vehicles in the country park please follow the marshals instructions and exit the park using the North road.

Toilets will be situated near the start/finish (at point H on the map)  Club tents to be placed on the field to the right of the finishing straight (between points F and S on the map)

Entries for Druridge are now open to team managers on Monday October 2nd and will close at 3pm on Friday October 6th.

From Paul:

Team Managers
Wrekenton appears to have gone well.. mostly.
Races proceeded more of less on time and results went well and were online in a few minutes of each race finishing.
There have been almost no reports of errors.
There were problems elsewhere, in particular with inconsiderate parking.
This is the 3rd or 4th year in a row that there have been complaints at Wrekenton.
There is no official news but it wouldn't surprise me if that was the last Wrekenton Harrier League race as the NHS car park is likely to be unavailable next year and if there were problems for 3 years when you all had access to the car park, things will only get worse without it.
The organisers get so much grief every year from residents and police over this that it's just not worth persevering.
If any of you have suggestions for suitable alternative courses, let the committee know. 
The biggest problem with the runners has again been wearing the wrong race numbers and we've again had disqualifications.
Most are no longer shown in the results as the chip timing just ignores finishers that don't belong in the race so they are removed before being recorded.
Team managers need to be more vigilant in handing numbers out and runners should be told to double check.
All the details are on the website as soon as entries close so runners have plenty of opportunity to verify they have the correct number.
You might also want to print off a copy of your club's runners from the website after entries close and post it in your club tent so everyone can check their number against it.
Online entries are now open for Druridge Bay.
They will close at 3pm on Friday.
Online entries cost £2 per runner and cover all 6 remaining races in the season, unless the runner loses the number when it's £5 for a replacement.
There are repeated problems with wrong runner information being entered.
Please be more careful.
We've had at least 3 girls registered as boys, lots of spelling mistakes which all need to be corrected and, worse, incorrect dates of birth which cause huge problems when that runner ends up in the wrong race because of it.
Check the Dates of Birth before typing them in, don't guess.
And, the usual request, don't register a runner as new if they are already on the system!
We had at least 6 at Wrekenton and 2 would have been disqualified for running from the wrong pack if they hadn't been noticed at the last minute.
Due to a shortage of people to help out it looks like there will be no one available to take entries on the day at Druridge Bay so it's likely that only Guests will be allowed to register on the day as they have no access to online registration.
Make sure you get everyone registered online by Friday at 3pm.
Any team that didn't collect their race pack at Wrekenton will have new entries added to the pack and will need to pay for the whole race pack at £2 per number plus £50 NEHL annual membership fee.
Other clubs will have already paid their fee at Wrekenton and will just need to pay for £2 for each new runner.

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