Saturday 23 September 2017

Team managers final update for NEHL#1 Wrekenton

Team Managers,

You should all have your log in details now. If not, let us know:
Online entries are open and will close at Midnight on Saturday 23rd.
The process is identical to previous years.
If you have problems, get in touch.
Remember to re-register old runners first. Tick the box next to each runner you want to run at the first race. Don't forget to confirm it at the bottom of the page. Then register your new runners. This is to stop you accidentally creating new runners who are already on the system in the old runners list.
New clubs,:your old runners list will be empty because you have none from last season. All of your entries will be new runners.
NEVER re-register someone as a new runner if they have taken part in the league before.

Because of the complicated pack promotion rules we need to keep track of each runner for 3 years. If you register a runner as new then they will start from the slow pack and if this is not the right pack then they WILL be disqualified.
This applies to the runner even if they are new to your club as their old pack record follows them to their new club.

Every year we disqualify people, including race winners and children, because they have run from the wrong pack.
Let's see if we can manage this year without that happening.
There will be no entries on the day for the first event other than for guests.
All your runners for the first event must be registered before close of entries on 23rd September.
There is too much else going on at the first event to be hassled by loads of late entries.
Athletes registered online cost £2 for the whole season, assuming they don't lose their race number.

Replacements for lost numbers are £5 from race HQ on race day.
You can pay by cash or by cheque on the day when you collect your race number pack.
It's £50 per year membership fee for your club plus £2 for each runner you register.
Cheques should be made payable to "North Eastern Harrier League" or "NEHL".
You will not be handed your race numbers until they are paid for.
The pack will not be split so make sure 1 person arrives with the cheque and collects the entire pack for distribution among your members.
For events later in the year, online entries will re-open during the week before the event, so you can add more runners during the season, and will close on the Friday before the event at noon.
 All online entries remain at £2 per runner for the season. Entries on the day, guests and replacement numbers are all £5 on the day.
A lot of runners will have left your clubs or switched clubs during the summer.
Can you let me know who needs moving, their original club and their new club and when they are eligible to count for the new club.
I'll then move them to the new club and they will appear in your online lists to register for the new season.
If you think you see any mistakes in the packs, let me know and I'll investigate but, first, check the results from last season to see if you (or they) can figure it out.
Last season's results are all on the website.

There may also be duplicate runners in your lists. Let me know who and I'll remove them.
Any other problems, get in touch.
Good luck.

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