Friday 29 September 2017

NEHL Wrekenton - Race Day

Hi Folks, it's here.  Welcome to the first fixture of the Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League season 2017-18

There is a good chance of rain today, most likely showers, check out an up to date forecast for Wrekenton here, and with yesterdays morning rain we'll be expecting some mud on the course - dress accordingly.

Registration will be in the NEHL tent adjacent to the start/finish, and will be for number collection by team managers, and registration for guests, unattached under 11 runners, M65 transfers, and prearranged number issues.

Individual runners cannot collect single numbers from race HQ, you must collect your number (which has your chip attached to the back) from your team manager at your club tent.  We do not have copies of your numbers.

There are portable toilets on site, and first aid cover present.

Timetable is roughly as follows:
12.15 Under 11 Boys12.20 Under 11 Girls
12.25 approx Under 13 Boys
approx Under 13 Girls
approx Under 15 Boys
approx Under 15 Girls
13.05 - 13.10 
approx **Under 17 & Under 20 Women
13.10 - 13.15 
approx **Senior & Veteran Women
13.50 - 14.00 
approx **Under 17 Men
14.15 - 14.25 
approx **Senior & Veteran Men

From Paul RE: Chip timing

All runners.
To try and reduce the queues at the finish...
The only runners that need to maintain position from crossing the finish line and through the funnels are those that are in a very close finish with others.
There are 2 lanes through the finish, you can go either to the left or to the right.
If the people queuing in front of you finished more than 2 seconds ahead of you then you don't need to queue behind them when the other lane is clear.
If you finish in a tight race with 2 or 3 others, then only that small group of runners need to maintain position as they walk through the funnels.
The reason is that 97% of runners are recorded on the finish line but in a tight finish the chip reader at the side doesn't get a good enough view of people in the bunch as they block each other so it relies on the chip reader in the funnels to put these close finishing runners in the correct finish order.

Don't stop after the finish line. You must keep moving forwards and not turn around until you are clear of the finish area altogether.
If you want to shake hands or exchange hugs and kisses, wait until you are outside the 20m exclusion zone.

Please check facebook/here for updates.

Results will appear on the NEHL site

Please remember all results are provisional until the end of the week

Finally, and I think he'd have appreciated this being near enough the last bit of the post, there will be a minutes applause for Birtley AC stalwart Gerard 'Pedro' Murray, before the start of the Senior/Veteran Men's slow pack start.

He was a great supporter of the NEHL for many years, running in all kinds of weather conditions.  A hugely popular guy, he'll be a big miss at all of our cross country fixtures.

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