Thursday 28 September 2017

Race number payment & collection

Ok folks, race HQ will be open from 10:30-45ish on Saturday, in the NEHL tent next to the start/finish.
Please team managers only to collect numbers (with cash or cheque for the outstanding balance).
We will only be taking registrations from the following:
  • Guests
  • U11s not yet part of a club
  • M65s transferring to the ladies race (bring your allotted number so we can swap it over)
  • Pre-arranged race-number issues.

If you have a pack inquiry do it before Saturday, i.e. today, look you race number and pack up here:
If there is a problem with your pack, sort it out asap.

We do not issue individual numbers.  Your club will give you your correct race number, keep it for the whole season.

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