Thursday 3 March 2022

NEHL Alnwick Castle 2022

 NEHL Alnwick Castle

5th March 2022

Alnwick Harriers are looking forward to hosting you all this Saturday, the estate have done an amazing job in clearing the huge amount of fallen trees from the wooded section at the top of the loop.
As always absolutely no parking on any of the verges or roadside adjacent the venue, parking is available for £2 at the Alnwick Gardens car park, they are taking card only payment this year.
There is a drop off point for club tents etc on the main entrance to the pastures, please follow the marshals guidance. Unfortunately we’ve been advised no dogs due to stock in adjacent fields.
Weather forecast and course looking good, see you all Saturday.
Alnwick Harriers

Can't stress this enough, you have to leave your dog(s) at home

Getting there:

The Alnwick Garden Car Park, Denwick Lane, Alnwick NE66 1YU - be aware there is no parking along the B1340 - you must park in the Garden's Car Park, or you risk us losing the fixture.  Any athlete caught parking on the main road will be dq'd.  

Parking charges are in operation - £2 card payment only

Once you are parked up just follow the B1340 back up to the pastures.

The course

One full lap of the course is 2 miles, the U13s & U15s complete one full lap each.  The senior women do 2, and the senior men do 3.  The u17 men, and the U17&20 women do one small loop and one large lap 

One Full lap
small lap
under 11s

Sorry - NO DOGS at all even on a lead - Leave your dog(s) at home.  It is lambing season and there are no dogs allowed on the pastures.

Toilets & First Aid will be located in the usual spot near tent city (on the left of the track as you enter the pastures).

Numbers - Please remember to take off your Northerns/Nationals number (or any other non league number you might have) and put your NEHL 2021-22 number on your club vest.

Please check your packs for the final fixture on the the NEHL Website

Race HQ will be in the NEHL Tent by the start-finish, please collect any pre-entries there, and call in with any queries. Entries will close on Friday 4th.

Pre-entries will cost £3, Lost or replacement numbers are £5, transfers (U11 to U13, and MV65 to SNR Womens race) are free.


This year there are 6 sets of numbers across the categories.

Under 11 have Yellow numbers
Under 13 have Blue numbers
Under 15 have Green numbers
Under 17/20 have Purple numbers
Senior Men have White numbers
Senior Women have Orange numbers

also in the bottom right of each number is category code:
U11, U13, U15, U17&20, M, W
On the back of each number is your chip.

RACE ORDER & TIMES for the coming season
1200 Under 11 Boys (1.5k)
1205 Under 11 Girls (1.5k)
1215 Under 17 Men (1.5 laps approx. 5k)
1220 Under 20 & Under 17 Women (1.5 laps approx 5k)
1235 Under 15 Boys (1 lap approx. 2 miles - 3.2k)
1240 Under 15 Girls (1 lap approx. 2 miles - 3.2k)
1250 Under 13 Boys (1 lap approx. 2 miles - 3.2k)
1255 Under 13 Girls (1 lap approx. 2 miles - 3.2k)
1305 Senior Women (2 laps approx. 4 miles - 6.4k)
1350 Senior Men (3 laps approx. 6 miles - 9.6k)

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