Thursday 2 September 2021

Start Fitness NEHL Presentation 19-20

 Dear All

The presentation for season 19-20 will take place on 30th September at Start Fitness 33-35 Market St Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6JE
at 6pm.

We have a a great supporter of the league to do the presentations.

As we are still in realms of a pandemic, there are few things we would like you to adhere to.

No more than 2 accompanying guests per prize winner.
Keep to social distancing wherever possible, masks are preferred but not obligatory.
Lastly could the prize winners please RSVP as to whether they will be attending or not.

Please reply to no later 15/09/2021

SF NEHL Grand Prix Winners 19-20

These are the GP winners:

u13 Boys
1 Matthew Das, Gateshead 2996
2 Oliver Tomlinson, Morpeth 2992
3=Aiden Wilkinson, Durham 2984
3=Arran Head, NSP 2984
3=Ben Scantlebury, NSP 2984

u13 Girls
1 Annabel Milburn, Gateshead 2994
2=Darcey Tullis, Jarrow & Hebburn 2990
2=Ellie Fellows, Blaydon 2990

u15 Boys
1 Chris Perkins, Birtley 3000
2 Bertie Marr, Morpeth 2992
3 Tom Slane, Blackhill 2988

u15 Girls
1 Millie Breeze, Alnwick 2999
2 Katie Francis. Birtley 2996
3 Abigail Leiper Morpeth 2990

u17 Boys
1 Joshua Wraith, Durham 2994
2 Euan Duffy, Morpeth 2992
3 Samuel Gibson, Houghton 2987

u17&20 Women
1 Amy Ellis, Gosforth 2980
2 Charley Lee, Elswick 2974
3 Suzannah Fielding, Elswick 2964

Senior Men
1 Chris Larkin, Newcastle Uni 2998
2 Conrad Franks, Gateshead Harriers 2996
3 Steve Jackson, Elvet 2986

Senior Women
1 Amy Fuller, Elswick 2997
2 Lauren Davies-Beckett, Newcastle Uni 2989
3 Jennifer Berry, Wallsend 2985

Vet Men
1 Darren Purvis, Birtley 3000
2 Chris Jackson, Sunderland Harriers 2995
3=Graeme Watt, Elvet 2988
3=Steven Medd, Gateshead 2988

Vet Women
1 Jane Hodgson, Morpeth 3000
2 Gemma Bradley, Saltwell 2997
3 Kirstie Anderson, Tynedale 2989

Team Winners
u13 Boys: North Shields Poly
u13 Girls: Elswick Harriers
u15 Boys: Morpeth Harriers
u15 Girls: Gosforth Harriers
u17 Boys: Houghton AC
u17&20 Women: Elswick harriers

Senior Men
Div 1: Sunderland Harriers
Div 2: Birtley AC
Div 3: Jesmond Joggers

Senior Women
Div 1: Tynebridge Harriers
Div 2: Wallsend Harriers
Div 3: Claremont RR

Teams, if you are in possession of a trophy please arrange to have it brought to NEHL #1 Wrekenton fixture on September 25th

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