Wednesday 22 September 2021

NEHL 2021-22 Fixture 1: Wrekenton Cross Country

Harrier League online entries are now closed.

We had a total of 3128 people entered for Wrekenton which compares to 3620 in 2019. That's only 14% down.

A list of this year's registrations can be found here:
Check it and let Paul know if you think there is a problem.

If there is a race number next to your name then you're registered for Wrekenton on Saturday.
If there is a zero next to your name or your name is not shown then you are not registered.

People not registered by their team manager will have to hope entries are available on race day and pay £5.

This year there are 6 sets of numbers across the categories.

Under 11 have Yellow numbers
Under 13 have Blue numbers
Under 15 have Green numbers
Under 17/20 have Purple numbers
Senior Men have White numbers
Senior Women have Orange numbers

also in the bottom right of each number is category code:
U11, U13, U15, U17&20, M, W
On the back of each number is your chip.

Do not run in hand written or photocopied numbers, it will not be timed, your chip is recorded by the scanners as you pass through the finish, if it's not on the number it will not be recorded.

Team managers must collect the full pack of numbers, we will not split packs, or remove individual numbers, so your team manager must be there in time to collect numbers for the U11s or juniors depending on who is registered.

When numbers are collected team managers must provide payment which is £50 + £3 per runner, and a contact telephone number.

It is the responsibility of the team managers to take emergency contact numbers for their club's athletes. The league do not hold information on individual athletes contact information.

All competitors: If you have a medical condition which may affect your ability to take part, or which you think we should know about you must let your team manager know and you must fill in the details on the back of the number.

This includes any kind of heart or lung condition, and related medication If anything happens we need to be able to pass on information as soon as possible.

Guests may run in the league at a cost of £5 for the whole season. This is a one off charge. They must register on the day, and let us know if they competed last season (and if they did we can check the pack).

Guests must be members of a EA or SA affiliated club.

Second Claim runners may not count for team points. They can either run for their first claim club as a guest, or if they come and register on the day they can take part as a non-counting runner in their second claim vest.

Guests & Second claim runners do not accumulate team points, but do get individual grand prix points.

Race HQ will be at the all new singing and dancing NEHL Tent next to my Yeti at the start area.

Reminder to ALL competitors. We do not split race packs. Your team manager needs to collect and pay for your team entries. I have a list of who owes what, we wi
ll not take individual numbers out of the packs, we are far too busy. Find out who your team manager is and make sure they have a cheque or cash with them to cover the club's entry fees.

Costs are £50 + £3 per runner for clubs

£5 for guests

If by some unknown reason you manage to lose your number on the day after you've collected it from your team tent, you can buy a new one for £5. I know it sounds daft, but it has happened before.

Quick reminder of the rules.

You must start in the pack you have been allocated. If you don't we'll cover you in tar and feathers (and DQ you)

You must wear your club's team vest or t-shirt (or you will be DQd & won't count for team points)

RACE ORDER & TIMES for the coming season
1200 Under 11 Boys (1.5k)
1205 Under 11 Girls (1.5k)
1215 Under 17 Men (1.5 laps approx. 5k)
1220 Under 20 & Under 17 Women (1.5 laps approx 5k)
1235 Under 15 Boys (1 lap approx. 2 miles - 3.2k)
1240 Under 15 Girls (1 lap approx. 2 miles - 3.2k)
1250 Under 13 Boys (1 lap approx. 2 miles - 3.2k)
1255 Under 13 Girls (1 lap approx. 2 miles - 3.2k)
1305 Senior Women (2 laps approx. 4 miles - 6.4k)
1350 Senior Men (3 laps approx. 6 miles - 9.6k)

Age restrictions as follows:

Under 11 - must be age 9 on the day of competition
Under 13 - must be 11 on 31st August 2021.  U11s turning 11 during the season may move up to the U13s
Under 15 - must be 13 on 31st August 2021.
Under 17 men - must be 15 on 31st August 2021.
Under 17 & 20 women - must be 15 on 31st August 2021.
Senior Men - must be 17 on 31st August 2021.
Senior Women - must be 20 on 31st August 2021.

Masters men aged 65 may (if they wish) run in the 2 lap Senior Women's race, they register as per normal in the men's race, then come to race hq for a replacement number.  Masters wishing to do this must stay in the 2 lap race all season.

Fixture #1 - NEHL Wrekenton - Saturday 28th September

Use postcode NE9 6RZ for SAT NAV

From Andy Ross, Saltwell Harriers:
Hi everyone.
Hope we are all looking forward to the XC at Wrekenton this weekend.
Just a bit of information about parking on the day.
There are 2 parking areas we are requesting people use this Saturday.
The first and biggest one is the NHS Park & Ride carpark opposite Cardinal Hume School (NE9 6RZ). We will have a marshall at this location in high viz.
The second one is the empty land near the start area on Harebell Road which is accessible via Speedwell off Old Durham road. (Approx 200m north of Cardinal Hulme School.)
Just a few polite requests.
Please do not park on the main road (Old Durham Road) near to the car park, school and rows of houses or in the estate near to the start area as we don’t want to upset the local residents and there is also a cycle lane on the main road so we don’t want to upset cyclists. It’s really important we don’t jeopardise future events because of parking complaints.
The course is a 10/15 minute walk from the NHS car park via the cyclepath adjacent to the school at the junction of Moss Side/Old Durham road approx. 350m south of the NHS car park.
Most of all I hope everyone thoroughly enjoys the day……the weather is looking kind and it isn’t looking like a mudbath!!!
Saltwell Harriers.

Route Map:

U11s - 1 mile

U13s - 2 miles
U15s - 2 miles
U17&20 Women - 3 miles
U17 men - 3 miles
Women & M65+  - 3 miles
Men - 6 miles

COVID-19 Instructions

Part of the granting of our event license is based on application of current guidance provided by and also that provided England Athletics ( )  


  • Use hand gels / cleaning materials available at the toilets 

  • Wear a mask when not running / in areas where there are larger numbers of people 

  • Bring own hand gel and use frequently 

  • Take 2 x LFT tests in the week leading to the event 

  • Completed vaccination programme where possible / applicable 


The following is mandatory: 


  • Do not attend the event if you currently display any symptoms associated with COVID-19   

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