Sunday 28 October 2018

NEHL Gosforth - Results and Team Photos

Evening all,

We at the Start Fitness NEHL would like to thank everyone involved with the organisation of the third fixture in the 2018-19 calendar, held at Gosforth Park, Newcastle on October the 27th.  A special thank you to the host clubs, Gosforth, Heaton and Tynebridge for setting up the course in horrible conditions on Saturday morning, and then going on to marshal throughout the day, and to Micky baker for bringing it all together - you're all stars!

Results from the day may be found here

u13 Mary Stobbs leaping into action

Individual winners are as follows:

U11G - Poppy Wilde, Elswick
U11B - Zac Brannon, North Shields Poly
U13G - Charlotte Payton, NSP.  Fastest time - Freya Clarkson, Chester-le-St
U13B - Tom Slane, Blackhill (also fastest time)
U15G - Rhiannon Hedley, Morpeth.  Fastest time - Cecilia Reed, Blaydon
U15B - Theo Barron, Gateshead, Charlie Daley, Tynedale
U17M - Daniel Joyce, Tynedale.  Fastest time - Samuel Charlton, Wallsend
U17&20W - Olivia Dowle, Newcastle Uni. Fastest time - Holly Peck, Morpeth.
SM - Matthew Briggs, Morpeth.  Fastest time - Adrian Bailes, Birtley
SW - Danielle Hodgkinson, Wallsend (also fastest time)

From Paul:
There were a few disqualifications at Gosforth Park including 2 race winners. One for wearing the wrong race number and one for not wearing club colours.
There were disqualifications in the Senior men's race (no club vest), Senior women's race (wrong number), U15 boys (no club vest), U15 girls (wrong number) and U13 boys (wrong pack), U11 boys (wrong number) and U11 girls (wrong number).
That's over half of the races had a disqualified runner due to carelessness.

Can runners, parents and coaches make sure runners wear the correct vest and the correct race number and run from the correct pack in future.
If in doubt, ask someone. Or, maybe, have a team inspection before the start where you can all check each other out.
Write your name in big letters on the back of your number so you don't accidentally pick up the wrong number.
Numbers and packs are on the Harrier League website in the run up to each race and if you don't know what colours your team runs in then ask someone at your club.
If you really don't like wearing a vest and your club doesn't have an alternative then buy a vest 1 size too large and wear it over the top of whatever you find comfortable.
7 disqualifications in one meeting is a bit much.

Although there were runners in the u11s with disqualifications, they do not get implemented until the u13s and above. The u11 races are meant to be a fun introduction to cross country, and we would like to encourage the kids to come back and compete again.
The race categories aged u13 and above have implications for team points, so we have no leeway on how dqs are treated.

It's pretty simple, wear your club vest, and your own number, and run from the correct pack. That's all you need to do - the host clubs and the NEHL do the rest - providing venues & courses, marshals, suitable parking, loos, first aid, numbers & chips, and results, then dismantling it all and doing the same at the next venue.

So please check your pack, and write your name on your number

On the positive side, the number of disqualifications wasn't the only record set at Gosforth Park.

There was a joint record number of senior women with 451 finishers, tying with record from Wrekenton in 2017, and there was a new record of 623 senior men, beating the previous record of 594 from Wrekenton 2018.

Team photos - here they are!

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