Saturday 13 October 2018

NEHL Druridge Bay - round up and team photos

A full list of results from NEHL Druridge Bay may be found on the harrier league website:

Individual winners are as follows:

U11G - Poppy Wilde, Elswick
U11B - Zac Brannon, North Shields Poly
U13G - Freya Clarkson, Chester-le-St (also fastest time)
U13B - Tom Slane, Blackhill (also fastest time)
U15G - Shenali Scott, Sunderland Harriers.  Fastest time - Innes Curran, Gateshead Harriers
U15B - Christopher Perkins, Birtley (also fastest time)
U17M - Henry Johnson, Houghton.  Fastest time - Daniel Melling, Morpeth
U17&20W - Holly Peck, Morpeth.  Fastest time - Rhian Purves, Gosforth
SM - Luke Pickering, Durham.  Fastest time - Sam Hancox, Morpeth
SW - Danielle Hodgkinson, Wallsend (also fastest time)

Here are your team photos:

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