Monday 8 April 2024

NEHL Thornley Hall Farm - Cancellation


Hi all, it will come at no surprise I'm sure but we've had to cancel this Saturday's fixture at Thornley. Jon's (the landowner) brilliant but he can't control the weather!

Looking ahead, based on the past couple of years weather / climate change impact we've started to plan for a change in configuration of fixtures for next season.

Thanks to all clubs for your support across the season.

John Stephens

The final standings for the Grand Prix will be made according to NEHL Rules:

4.1 Grand Prix points will be awarded for each race category plus for Masters Men (Over 40) and Masters Women (Over 35) based upon their place on net time (i.e. with the handicaps taken off).
4.2 The fastest runner in each category receives 1000 points, second 999, third 998 etc.
4.3 The Grand Prix will be based on the best 4 scoring points from 6 races. (In the event of a race being cancelled or declared void, the competition will be based on the best 4 from 5, 3 from 4, 2 from 3, 2 from 2, 1 from 1).

So, with the two fixtures cancelled (Thornley Hall Farm and Lambton Estate) the Grand Prix will be awarded for the best 3 from 4 fixtures.

In the event of a tie for points there is no count-back and both athletes will be awarded that position i.e joint first, or second etc.

1st Charlotte Dillon        Houghton AC               1000    0 1000 1000    0    0  3000
2nd Iona Johnstone          Gateshead Harriers         997 1000    0  996    0    0  2993
3rd Ellie Fellows           Blaydon Harriers           995  997  995  999    0    0  2991
3rd Imogen Bungay           Elswick Harriers           998  999  994  994    0    0  2991

This has now been calculated and is available on the Harrier League website.

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