Friday 28 October 2022

NEHL 2022-23 Fixture 3: Lambton Estate


Hi all, information ahead of Saturday's fixture. The course is as last year and schedule is as usual (see images below). Please ensure that you check your allocated pack at the League website ( , click on runner info). At Druridge there were too many folks running from incorrect packs creating a lot of extra work for Paul.
Parking cost is £4 per vehicle, to cover the charge that the landowners make for use of the Estate. PLEASE HAVE YOUR CASH READY - payment point is as indicated at the end of the purple mark up adjacent to the castle at the Lambton access image. The entrance to the Estate is at the Bonemill Lane gated entrance indicated at the image with the route to parking highlighted. What3words location for the gate is drew.stews.hiding
For orientation, the castle postcode is NE38 9HA. The entrance doesn't have a postcode ..... it a set of gates!

There is a one way system in operation, indicated by the yellow mark up which indicates route to leave. Its clearly signposted. Please don't attempt to leave the way you entered the Estate.

Dogs - yes, allowed, but on a lead at all times.
Final request; please be remember to be considerate of other runners, officials and folks in general at the event. There was an incident of a runner verbally abusing an official at Druridge, also an incident involving two Junior athletes ('horseplay' that went too far) one of whom required medical attention. We're still working through the latter. As well as being unacceptable behaviour in both cases, it just adds to workload.
Big thanks to Birtley AC, Low Fell, and Washington in advance of the event for organising the course, marshals etc.
Finally, as always - enjoy!😀

Timetable 12.00 Under 11 Boys
12.05 Under 11 Girls
12.15 Under 17 men
12.20 U17 and U20 women
12.35 Under 15 Boys
12.40 Under 15 Girls
12:50 Under 13 boys
12:55 Under 13 girls
13.05 Senior & veteran women
13:50 Senior & veteran Men

Guests may run in the league at a cost of £5 for the whole season. This is a one off charge. They must register on the day, and let us know if they competed last season (and if they did we can check the pack).

Guests must be members of a EA or SA, or similar affiliated club.

Second Claim runners may not count for team points. They can either run for their first claim club as a guest, or if they come and register on the day they can take part as a non-counting runner in their second claim vest.

Guests & Second claim runners do not accumulate team points, but do get individual grand prix points.

Race HQ will be at the all new singing and dancing NEHL Tent next at the start area.

Reminder to ALL competitors. We do not split race packs. Your team manager needs to collect and pay for your team entries. I have a list of who owes what, we wi
ll not take individual numbers out of the packs, we are far too busy. Find out who your team manager is and make sure they have a cheque or cash with them to cover the club's entry fees.

Costs are £50 + £3 per runner for clubs

£5 for guests

If by some unknown reason you manage to lose your number on the day after you've collected it from your team tent, you can buy a new one for £5. I know it sounds daft, but it has happened before.

Quick reminder of the rules.

You must start in the pack you have been allocated. (You will be DQd for running from the wrong pack)

You must wear your club's team vest or t-shirt, and all vests must be of the same design (or you will be DQd & won't count for team points)

As per league rules you CANNOT wear headphones

Age restrictions as follows:

Under 11 - must be aged at least 9 on the day of competition
Under 13 - must be 11 on 31st August 2022.  
Under 15 - must be 13 on 31st August 2022.
Under 17 men - must be 15 on 31st August 2022.
Under 17 & 20 women - must be 15 on 31st August 2022.
Senior Men - must be 17 on 31st August 2022.
Senior Women - must be 20 on 31st August 2022.

Masters men aged 65 may (if they wish) run in the 2 lap Senior Women's race, they register as per normal in the men's race, then come to race hq for a replacement number.  Masters wishing to do this must stay in the 2 lap race all season.

Results will be available on the usual link :

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