Saturday 19 October 2019

NEHL 3 - Lambton Estate - 26th October 2019

Due to adverse weather conditions the car parking is under water, we have unfortunately had to cancel Lambton Cross Country.

Apologies all, I've just taken a phone call from the Estate manager and the parking area is water logged following today's rain which is due to continue into tomorrow afternoon. I believe he's waiting to get his car towed off the area at the moment.

Already started conversation regarding reschedule either later in the year or towards the Spring. I can assure you, it will be worth the wait. Very good course.

Please share / disseminate as widely as possible please.

Thanks for your patience all.

John Stephens


Packs are online ready for Lambton next weekend, Saturday 26th October.
Check them and if you think there's an error, get in touch now.
Don't wait until the weekend as there's no time to investigate then.

We had record numbers of runners at Wrekenton with 1735 finishers but far too many people trying to register on the day.
Please try to get everyone registered online.
It saves you £2/runner and it saves a LOT of admin hassle.

We registered about 150 runners on the day at Wrekenton and only 6 of those were the guests that on-the-day entries is designed for.

Online entries are now open again and will close on Friday at noon.

Never re-register someone as new who is already on the system.
I repeat this frequently but someone always does it.
There were at least 3 people caught just in time when runners came to race HQ to get the pack corrected at Wrekenton.
If in doubt, you can look up who is registered on the list of runners:
or you can e-mail and we can check it.
Running in the wrong pack means automatic disqualification.

IMPORTANT - All age groups apart from Under 11 must be affiliated to a club, we do not allow unattached runners.

FIXTURE 3.  Lambton Estate.

Lambton Estate is the historical seat of the Earl of Durham, situated off junction 63 of the A1 at Chester-le-Street.
Find out more at:

The required entry point will be just off the A1(M)/A183 road junction near Picktree.
All access to the site must come from that junction and drive East along the A183 

300m along the A183 from the A1(M) junction, is a left turn into the estate, through a large arch that you have probably driven passed or seen on telly!

That is the only entry point.

PARKING. Car parking is within Lambton Estate.  You will be directed by marshals to parking.  Car Parking charge is £4 per car, do not forget to bring money with you as you will not be allowed to park without paying, and there is no parking at all on any stretch of the main road A183.

There is a one way system for exiting the estate.  Access from the Chester-le-Street roundabout is an entrance only.  
After the event, cars will be required to drive through the estate and will exit at Bournmoor onto the A183. Follow marshals directions to exit the estate. 

REGISTRATION. In the NEHL tent near the finish.

TOILETS AND REFRESHMENTS. There are portable toilets available, please use them.  Don't pee in the bushes next to the tents, parking, or the start-finish area.  Our officials don't need to see that.

CLUB TENTS. There is ample space for club tents in the parking field opposite the course.  Follow marshal’s directions

COURSE. Mostly woods. Hills.

There could be mud!

PLEASE DO NOT WARM UP ON THE COURSE. Use the racecourse field to warm up in (where the tents and cars are), it is massive.  The course is very narrow in places, your club will be penalised if you warm up while events are taking place..


RACE ORDER & TIMES for the coming season
Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League

Lambton Estate

1200 U11 - Boys U11 lap
1205 U11 - Girls U11 lap
1215 U17 Men - 1 x short lap followed by 1 x large lap
1220 U17 / U20Women - 1 x short lap followed by 1 x large lap
1235 U15 - Boys 1 large lap
1240 U15 - Girls 1 large lap
1250 U13 - Boys 1 large lap
1255 U13 - Girls 1 large lap
1305 Sen & Vet Women - 2 x large laps
1350 Sen & Vet Men - 3 x large laps

Under 11 Route

U17 Men & U17 & 20 Women Small Lap (and 1 large lap)
Large Lap

Age restrictions as follows:

Under 11 - must be age 9 on the day of competition
Under 13 - must be 11 on 31st August 2019.  U11s turning 11 during the season may move up to the U13s
Under 15 - must be 13 on 31st August 2019.
Under 17 men - must be 15 on 31st August 2019.
Under 17 & 20 women - must be 15 on 31st August 2019.
Senior Men - must be 17 on 31st August 2019.
Senior Women - must be 20 on 31st August 2019.

Masters men aged 65 may (if they wish) run in the 2 lap Senior Women's race, they register as per normal in the men's race, then come to race hq for a replacement number.  Masters wishing to do this must stay in the 2 lap race all season.

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