Sunday 12 May 2019

NECAA Royal Signals Relays Update

A meeting to discuss the problems relating to the Signals Road Relays was held at Sunderland City Council offices between four representatives of the Council and Peter Dodsworth, Alan Elders and Bill McGuirk acting on behalf of the NECAA.

After putting the points across forcibly why the NECAA were not in a position to sign the document in front of them for the event to go ahead at Hetton Lyons Country Park the council's representatives agreed to take our points on board and redraft the agreement.

This was indeed what happened inside a few days and a new agreement was drawn up which was then forwarded on to UKA for it's lawyers to give it their approval.

However, UKA were still not happy with the new wording and, after sitting on it for a few weeks, replied to the council with their reservations.

It is now back in the council's hands and while time is running out the NECAA are hoping for an early decision so that the event can go ahead albeit at Hetton or at another venue.

Bill McGuirk


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