Monday 22 April 2019

North Tyneside 10k - Bill McGuirk referee

Once again the North Tyneside 10k has attracted a huge number of competitors lining up using someone else's bib number and it certainly came to a head this time round when the first athlete home was one of the guilty party.
Not only is it extremely dangerous to do this it takes away the joy that would have been awarded to the correct winner.

Of course the athlete in question wasn't the only one to break the rules. On checking the women's leading finishers, the top 30, after viewing video evidence FIVE were men running in a woman's number.
Please, this has to stop now and while big events attract huge numbers of unregistered competitors who aren't familiar with the rules of competition there is no excuse for club athletes to even consider taking this kind of action.

I appeal to all athletic club secretaries to make sure that every one of their members are aware of the situation re passing bib numbers on without clearance from race organisers.

Bill McGuirk, Chairman NECAA and North Tyneside 10k referee


  1. I do not and would never participate in this behaviour. However i feel you need to look at why so many people feel the need to do this. I for one was left high and dry by North Tyneside last year when i had to have spinal surgery. I was offered no opportunity to deffer , it was said to be to late for a transfer,and i could not have my money back. My number remained in its envelope unused. My reasons for not being able to do the run absolutley genuine . But no support from yourselves. A run i once loved i will no longer give my money to.

    1. We're not the organisers, that'd be North Tyneside Council. These are comments made by the race referee, who is there to see that UKA rules are followed.

      Most local races offer an option to transfer.

  2. Read the terms and conditions before you sign up to a race. Accept that if you commit to run and then can't, that's not the fault of the race organisers.

  3. If the organisers made it easier to transfer numbers to another person if an athlete gets injured prior to the event then the practice would probably cease, but with entry fees in the high end category athletes will continue to sell to others rather than their number going to waste.