Monday, 25 February 2019

NEHL Alnwick

It's here!  The final fixture of the season, Saturday 2nd of March

NEHL Alnwick Castle

Getting there:

The Alnwick Garden Car Park, Denwick Lane, Alnwick NE66 1YU - be aware there is no parking along the B1340 - you must park in the Garden's Car Park, or you risk us losing the fixture.

Parking charges are in operation

Once you are parked up just follow the B1340 back up to the pastures.

Timetable is as per previous fixtures, please allow plenty of time to arrive and listen to the announcers for any further information.

12.00 Under 11 Boys 
12.05 Under 11 Girls
12.15 Under 17 men 
12.20 U17 and U20 women
12.35 Under 15 Boys
12.40 Under 15 Girls
12:50 Under 13 boys
12:55 Under 13 girls
13.05 Senior & veteran women
13:50 Senior & veteran men

The course

One full lap of the course is 2 miles, the U13s & U15s complete one full lap each.  The senior women do 2, and the senior men do 3.  The u17 men, and the U17&20 women do one small loop and one large lap 

12.00 Under 11 Boys Narrow line parallel to B, N, M. Start at N, M, N, Finish (approx. 1K)
12.05 Under 11 Girls Narrow line parallel to B, N, M. Start at N, M, N, Finish (approx. 1K)
12.15 Under 17 men 1 large lap including additional loop at D (narrow line loop) (2.5 miles)
12.20 U17 and U20 women 1 large lap including additional loop at D (narrow line loop) (2.5 miles)
12.35 Under 15 Boys 1 large lap (2miles)
12.40 Under 15 Girls 1 large lap (2miles)
12:50 Under 13 boys 1 large lap (2miles)
12:55 Under 13 girls 1 large lap (2miles)
13.05 Senior & veteran women 2 large laps ( 4miles)
13:50 Senior & veteran Men 3 large laps (6 miles)

Alnwick pack delays

Link to the gmaps-pedometer version of the map here

Dogs are allowed on site, but must be kept on a lead.

Toilets & First Aid will be located in the usual spot near tent city (on the left of the track as you enter the pastures).

Numbers - Please remember to take off your Nationals number (or any other non league number you might have) and put your NEHL 2018-19 number on your club vest.

As a reminder - here are this years colours.

Please check your packs for the final fixture on the harrier league website

Race HQ will be my car by the start-finish, please collect any pre-entries there, and call in with any queries. Entries will close on Friday 1st.

Pre-entries will cost £3, Lost or replacement numbers are £5, transfers (U11 to U13, and MV65 to SNR Womens race) are free.


Could the following clubs please bring them to the last fixture at Alnwick.
U13 Girls - Alnwick
U13 Boys - Blackhill
U15 Girls - Houghton
U15 Boys - Morpeth
U17/U20 Women - Gateshead
U17 Men - Morpeth

Sen Women 
Div 1 - Morpeth
Div 2 - Heaton
Div 3 - Saltwell

Sen Men
Div 1 - Morpeth
Div 2 - Gosforth
Div 3 - Blaydon
Many Thanks

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