Thursday 27 September 2018

NEHL 2018 #1 Wrekenton

Hi Folks, All of your numbers are packed, this seasons colours are as follows:


U11 - yellow
Junior - orange
Men - purple
Women - blue
also in the top right of each number is category code:
On the back of each number is your chip.
Do not run in hand written or photocopied numbers, it will not be timed, your chip is recorded by the scanners as you pass through the finish, if it's not on the number it will not be recorded.
Team managers must collect the full pack of numbers, we will not split packs, or remove individual numbers, so your team manager must be there in time to collect numbers for the U11s or juniors depending on who is registered.
When numbers are collected team managers must provide payment which is £50 + £3 per runner, and a contact telephone number.
It is the responsibility of the team managers to take emergency contact numbers for their club's athletes. The league do not hold information on individual athletes contact information.
If you have a medical condition you must write it on the back of your number, and let your team manager know.

Race HQ will be a tent near the course

RACE ORDER & TIMES for the coming season - please note change to last years timetable
1200 Under 11 Boys (1.5k)
1205 Under 11 Girls (1.5k)
1210 Under 17 Men (1.5 laps approx. 5k)
1215 Under 20 & Under 17 Women (1.5 laps approx 5k)
1220 Under 15 Boys (1 lap approx. 2 miles - 3.2k)
1225 Under 15 Girls (1 lap approx. 2 miles - 3.2k)
1230 Under 13 Boys (1 lap approx. 2 miles - 3.2k)
1235 Under 13 Girls (1 lap approx. 2 miles - 3.2k)
1250 Senior Women (2 laps approx. 4 miles - 6.4k)
1350 Senior Men (3 laps approx. 6 miles - 9.6k)

Age restrictions as follows:
Under 11 - must be age 9 on the day of competition
Under 13 - must be 11 on 31st August 2018.  U11s turning 11 during the season may move up to the U13s
Under 15 - must be 13 on 31st August 2018.
Under 17 men - must be 15 on 31st August 2018.
Under 17 & 20 women - must be 15 on 31st August 2018.
Senior Men - must be 17 on 31st August 2018.
Senior Women - must be 20 on 31st August 2018.
Masters men aged 65 may (if they wish) run in the 2 lap Senior Women's race, they register as per normal in the men's race, then come to race hq for a replacement number.  Masters wishing to do this must stay in the 2 lap race all season.

Use postcode NE9 6RZ for SAT NAV

You are all no doubt excited about the first xc this Saturday at Wrekenton. Everything has been put in place to ensure it’ll be a great start to the xc calendar and we’ve even had the grass cut especially.

In terms of parking there are a number of available parking places by the start of the course on Harebell Rd, please be wary that there is a housing estate so please be considerate of others.

The main parking area will be the Moss heap NHS car park opposite cardinal Hume school (old Durham rd). There will be signs up directing you towards this car park.
The overflow will be cardinal Hume school. Please be aware that the school will be in use for dance classes on Saturday so the car parks in this area will be required throughout the day.
Lastly, if you could refrain from parking in front of the houses opposite the NHS car park. There is someone with a disability within these houses that require unblocked access to their house.
Otherwise please enjoy what looks to be the biggest turnout for an opening xc in years.
Kind regards
Darren (on behalf of Saltwell Harriers)

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