Saturday 4 November 2017

NECAA 112th Cross Country Championships, under 11s races

Morning folks,
You have until the 10th of November to enter the 112th Northeastern XC Champs, at REDCAR RACE COURSE, Saturday 9th December 2017. Hosted by New Marske Harriers.

Your club will process your entry.
Entries for all categories under 13 upwards processed online:

With the exception of the under 11s fun runs. Please send your under 11 entries (aged 9 or 10 on the day) through to, I will process them.
I need name, club and date of birth, even if they are already registered with the NEHL as it is a different system and numbers for the championships. U11s do not need to be registered with a club, if they aren't yet, please let me know the name of their school and I'll use that instead.

The champs are open to all u11s in the NEHL and NYSD areas , and 
u11 runners need not have been resident in the NE for 9 months to take part.

For NEHL registered u11s who have turned 11 since August 31st - the club needs to enter the runner as an under 13, but may continue to run the NEHL in the u11 category.

If your club has several u11s who want to take part, send me a list rather than individual entries, so I can block the numbers together.

Cost for u11s is £1, payment on collection of numbers.

Timetable is as follows:
10:35 - u11 boys 1.5k
10:40 - u11 girls 1.5k
11:00 - u13 boys 3k
11:15 - u13 girls 3k
11:30 - u15 boys 4k
11:40 - u15 girls 4k
12:00 - u17&20 women 6k
12:25 - u20 men 8k
13:00 - senior men 12k
13:55 - senior women 8k
14:30 - u17 men 6k

Please email me rather than message on facebook, so I don't lose track of anyone, You have till Thursday 7th December to get your entries through to me via email, and I will be taking u11 entries on the day (but would prefer to get them done in advance).

I won't be dealing with any enquiries for any categories other than the under 11s, please direct any other questions to Archie Jenkins.

NEHL Ladies Sec

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