Saturday, 30 September 2017

Wrekenton race report

Evening folks, we are ironing out a few issues with a couple of runners, but the majority of issues were dealt with before you all got home, and the results can be found online in the usual place:

At a glance these are the winners from each category (shown right).

It was a great turn out from the clubs - thanks to all the team managers for turning up to collect packs, with a minimum number of on the day issues to sort out.

We also had quite a few guest runners from the south of the region, you are always welcome up North at the NEHL - hope or guest runners enjoyed the hospitality and the favourable weather conditions.

In all we had 1521 finishers from 10 races:
under 11 boys: 80
under 11 girls: 66
U13 boys: 80
U13 girls: 72
U15 boys: 57
U15 girls: 52
U17 men: 34
U17 & 20 women: 35
Senior & vet men: 583
Senior & vet women (+ some M65): 462

The men's and women's races have been recorded on Strava as an average of 5.6 miles (men) and 3.8 miles (women).

We have had complaints from local residents regarding car parking on Moss Side, there were cars double parked along the road blocking local resident access.  Runners were advised to use the car parking at the NHS car park, Cardinal Hume School and on Harebell Road.  Anyone parking on Moss Side in future fixtures will be disqualified.  There will be signs in place telling runners not to park there at future fixtures.  Please use your common sense, if you block resident access you're not only being selfish, you are jeopardising future fixtures, get there in plenty of time and don't park like a moron.  It's not rocket science.

There was also an incident of a junior runner being heckled by a woman on or near the course, we are unsure as to whether she was at the event or passing by, but would like to make it clear that bullying will not be tolerated in any way shape or form.

Aside for those issues it's been a great day, and I would just like to say a massive thank you to all of the results team, officials and to Saltwell for organising.


  1. Congrats on a great first event - apologies I wasn't able to help out in this one, hopefully I'll step up at some of the others (work permitting!)

    1. Cheers Val, your help is always appreciated xx

      We were very lucky with the weather yesterday too, it started hoying it down as we were packing up.