Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Harrier League AGM


The League AGM will be held at Jesmond Pool, St. George's Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 2DL on Friday 27 July 2018, starting at 7.30 pm. (Beware of parking restrictions in the area.)

Any motions for discussion at the meeting must be submitted to our General Secretary Micky Baker
( by Friday 13 July 2018 at the latest.

The following changes are proposed by the NEHL Committee:

  • 2.3 Race Distances: The Under 17 Men distances to be amended to 4.0 to 5.0 km (2.5 to 3.1 miles).
  • 3.5 Time Gaps: Senior Women gaps to be amended to 1-15 and 40 secs per mile.
  • 3.8 Male Veterans The first line to start: 'Male Veterans Over 65 (on 31 August prior to the season starting)…..


The Individual Registration fee in advance is to be raised to £3.

Clubs are reminded that, in the interests of safety, the Committee may use its powers under Rule 6 (in conjunction with the Referee) to withdraw officials in the event of SEVERE WEATHER.

1200 Under 11 Boys
1205 Under 11 Girls
1210 Under17 Men (1.5 laps)
1215 Under 20 & Under 17 Women (1.5 laps)
1220 Under 15 Boys
1225 Under 15 Girls
1230 Under 13 Boys
1235 Under 13 Girls
1250 Senior Women
1350 Senior Men

The League will be inviting club members to assist promoting clubs (mainly as course marshals). It is planned to provide T-shirts to those helping at a minimum number of meetings - probably 4.
More details later.

Persons intending to raise charity funds at NEHL events are reminded that they must seek permission of the landowner. Assistance may be available in providing contact details.

NEHL General Secretary’s report 2017/18
Good Evening everyone and welcome to the 2018 NEHL AGM.
Once again yet another fantastic season 2017/18 was. Once again the league is indebted to the massive support that Tony Wallett at Start fitness provides for us, without their help I very much doubt the league would survive.

A big thank you to all the officials who turn out at every fixture again without whom fixtures wouldn’t even get off the ground. Thank you to the host clubs for putting on the fixtures and the runners for turning up and running.

Last but not least there are 3 members of the committee who do so much work in their own time it’s quite staggering Vicki, Paul and John the whole of the Harrier league are forever in your debt for results, numbers and problem solving in general so from myself and everyone else many many thanks for your time and effort.

Back to the season just gone:
The season I felt went really well numbers were consolidated and slightly up in some age groups. Parking issues were kept to a minimum although there were one or two problems at Wrekenton which were put right on the day. However there were problems at Herrington with Sunderland Council claiming that people who attended that fixture had damaged the land,(with cars) thus resulting in the League being handed a bill for £1,300. The League are disputing this as we are not convinced that is was solely down to the people who came for that fixture. As a result we won’t be using Herrington as a venue, so we are on the lookout for a new venue and are in the process of negotiating a new site.

Once again the weather played its part, resulting in the Alnwick fixture to be cancelled but thankfully Alnwick Harriers were able to rearrange for the following week which was greatly appreciated by all.
Blackhill Bounders hosted a fixture for the first time at Thornley and did a brilliant job, so much so I’ve asked to them to host at Thornley again next season.

So all in all a good season

Congratulations to all the prize winners in every age group there was some very good competition both individual and teams. The presentation evening held in the Sponsors main store in Newcastle went really well and we had a great turnout from supporters individual and team winners alike and with the prizes being given out by World Record holder Guy Bracken it was a great night.

As I’ve said in the past. We have a unique product which is going from strength to strength and we as a committee will strive to make it better for all concerned. We have proposed a few changes which we feel might enhance the league or may not as the case may be.

If I’ve missed anyone or anything it wasn’t intentional so once again many thanks for your support.

Micky Baker
General Secretary

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

NEHL Thornley : Team Photos

Apologies for the delay, here they are, your team photos from NEHL Thornley


NEHL Alnwick, Saturday 3rd March, is POSTPONED. Given the weather conditions and forecast for the rest of the week we've had to consider the effect on car parking, travel, and marshaling etc. Possible new date is the 17th March. We know this is the same date as the English Schools XC, but we have to look at dates which have the least impact on the majority of competitors. Will keep you informed on here, Facebook, and Twitter  

Friday, 9 February 2018

NEHL Thornley Hall Farm, Saturday 10th February

Hi, looks like Thornley weather for the weekend! Just a few things ahead of Saturday:
1. We need some volunteers for marshaling for the fixture to run as smoothly as possible. Could do with around a dozen more. Please post here or message Micky, Vicki or me.
2. The course map is attached. Pretty much the Feb 2017 course but the other way around. Thanks to Dave Daniels for sorting this. 
3. Parking will be as last year. Please park as directed and have £2 ready for payment.

4. Big thanks to Blackhill Bounders for hosting the event.

Look forward to seeing folks at the weekend. Enjoy!

Getting there:

Postcode for today's event is DH6 3LY

Parking arrangements for Thornley.

Due to the lack of volunteers there will be NO tent drop off point as we can’t manage that area and park the cars at the same time.

So if you have a large tent get there early so you are parked at the nearest point to the course.
Sorry for any inconvenience.
Traffic coming from Durham.
There is strictly NO right turn into the farm you have to go to the roundabout and come back up the road, and it’s the second entrance this is the safest option.The first entrance is only for officials, emergency vehicles and the people who live on the farm.
Parking is £2 per vehicle so please have it ready, please listen to instructions as where and how to park, this is to avoid any congestion and for your safety.
Thank you for your cooperation in this.

Timetable as per usual
12.15 Under 11 Boys

12.20 Under 11 Girls
12.25 approx Under 13 Boys
12.35 approx Under 13 Girls
12.45 approx Under 15 Boys
12.55 approx Under 15 Girls
13.05 - 13.10 approx **Under 17 & Under 20 Women
13.10 - 13.15 approx **Senior & Veteran Women
13.50 - 14.00 approx **Under 17 Men
14.15 - 14.25 approx **Senior & Veteran Men

Under 11 runners must be at least 9 years old on the day of competition (rule implemented as of AGM July '17)  

Friday, 5 January 2018

NEHL Herrington 6th Jan 2018, Information

Evening folks, here are your final instructions for tomorrow's North Eastern Harrier League fixture held at Herrington Park Sunderland, hosted by Sunderland Strollers.

The NEHL Tent will be near the start-finish area for number pick ups, replacements and enquiries, number replacements cost £5, transfers from U11 to U13 and M65 to Ladies race are free.

As per usual there are portable toilet facilities on site, as well as first aid, and refreshments: Amos's Hot Hog Heaven, and  Betty's World Challenge (also offering a shoe cleaning service).

Hi, usual requests for giving a bit of thought re travel and parking on Saturday. Please car share, use public transport etc where possible. There will be a £2 parking charge, so please have cash ready when entering the site and park up as directed / sensibly. Please don't park on the main road or cause obstruction at local residential areas - may not win us many fans. 

As directed by Sunderland Council there will be no marshals on the road (people stop and have a chat), the car park will be clearly signposted. On entering the parking area please follow the marshals instructions so that we can get the maximum amount of vehicles into the available space. On leaving, head DOWNHILL (not through the entrance) to exit the carpark. If you do get stuck there will be a tractor available to pull you out.The parking charge will pay for the hire of the tractor (and driver), all surplus monies will be donated to charity, last year this resulted in a donation of £1000 to St Benedict's Hospice courtesy of our car park marshals from Sunderland Rotary Club.

Tent drop off - continue down to the bottom car park, drop off your tent, then go park up in the allocated parking.

Getting there - use postcode DH4 7EL, then follow marshals instructions

Timetable as per usual
12.15 Under 11 Boys

12.20 Under 11 Girls
12.25 approx Under 13 Boys
approx Under 13 Girls
approx Under 15 Boys
approx Under 15 Girls
13.05 - 13.10 
approx **Under 17 & Under 20 Women
13.10 - 13.15 
approx **Senior & Veteran Women
13.50 - 14.00 
approx **Under 17 Men
14.15 - 14.25 
approx **Senior & Veteran Men

Under 11 runners must be at least 9 years old on the day of competition (rule implemented as of AGM July '17)

Route maps:


U17&20 (U17 men 2 loops):

Senior women 2 laps, senior men 3:

Friday, 24 November 2017

NEHL #3 Aykley Heads, Report and Team Photos

Catherine Randles
Sunderland Harriers U13s
Hi folks, Now that you've had plenty of time to recover from the most recent cross country at Aykley Heads, here are your team photos, and a roving report from the Under 13 girls race:

The race course was quite challenging, there were lots of hills and sudden turns. The ground was quite dry for most of it, although there was a small decline that was rather muddy! I could definitely feel my legs working hard to try and maintain my pace. Setting a pace was particularly difficult because of the uneven ground and hidden tree roots.

At the end there was a large hill, which for me was the hardest part. It felt like an expedition on Everest, it just lasted forever! My muscles burned along with everyone else’s when I finally reach the final stretch. Everyone was bounding for the finish line and at that moment it felt like the difference between life and death.

Overall, I liked this course a lot, but I definitely struggled on the final hill. I am looking forward to the next cross country race 😬

Thankyou to everyone who helped organise the cross country at Aykley Heads.Catherine Randles, Sunderland Harriers U13.